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NBA star LeBron James has caught serious heat over the last week, and rightfully so. James made an irresponsible tweet about the Ohio police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, who was attacking others with a knife.

The body camera footage shows the police officer was a hero, but James didn’t see it that way. His tweet saying “YOU’RE NEXT” with the hashtag “ACCOUNTABILITY” hasn’t sat well with many, including OutKick founder Clay Travis.

Bill O’Reilly, host on The First TV, has also called LeBron out. He took issue with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar convicting the police officer publicly without any understanding of what took place.

“So then, LeBron James gets involved,” O’Reilly said, via Total Pro Sports. “I have no animus towards LeBron James, I don’t know him. He is a tremendous athlete, but there’s something wrong here.”

O’Reilly went a step further in explaining his qualms with LeBron.

“So James, in Los Angeles, convicts the police officer in Ohio without knowing anything,” O’Reilly continued. “What’s wrong with the man? What is wrong with him? No clear-thinking, fair-minded person can respect LeBron James any longer.”

The NBA, including LeBron, continues to take the “go woke, go broke” mentality to a whole new level.

You can watch the entire segment from O’Reilly below.

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  1. Do those who equate LeBron James’ incredible athleticism with ANY degree of intellectual superiority … also believe that a rocket scientist or brain surgeon could win an Olympic gold medal in the decathlon … or quarterback a team to a Super Bowl win ???

    • Stunning to me that coaches of any kind go on those screeds about “systemic racism” in America and other BLM pet issues. I get that they’re sucking up to their black players, but a bedrock of coaching is to stress personal accountability, self-reliance and meritocratic playing fields. Emotional dopes like Popovich, Kerr and Stan van Gundy keep telling their players that they’re victims and nothing is their fault. WTF.

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