Bill Maher Was Stunned By The Media’s Failed Job During COVID

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Real Time’s Bill Maher isn’t done holding the media accountable.

The political pundit appeared on the latest episode of the Sunday Special with the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro to address a common nuisance for the past two years: the media’s coverage of COVID.

During the pandemic, Maher unapologetically probed news outlets that reprimanded Americans for opposing masks or the vaccine.

In the sit-down, Maher faulted the media for failing to stir a campaign supporting healthier lifestyles during COVID as obesity became a motif among serious cases.

“Seventy-eight percent of the people who died or are hospitalized are obese. And that’s another one that’s not a popular opinion to talk about, but I feel like I have to because it’s such a salient fact in this.”

“I’m not fat shaming, I’m fat-splaining,” Maher joked. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, absolutely, but science is not. Science is not, and those facts are unforgiving when you look at the number of people who died. And you didn’t have to be that much overweight to have a much worse outcome having to go to the hospital, having to get ventilated.”

Not holding back, Maher gave a crushing blow to the media’s fomenting of discourse over truth.

“Anyone in the media who doesn’t talk about this because you’re so afraid of the reaction, you have blood on your hands because you are not doing these people a favor. You are not doing people a favor.

“Like I always say, ever see a fat 90-year-old? Never. Shouldn’t that tell you something?”

Maher contended throughout the episode that while his politics haven’t changed as an ardent liberal, it’s the media’s drastic shift over the years that has made his platform appear as a more conservative outlet.

In the end, Maher’s just looking for the straight facts.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. a friend of mine said Maher is the slowest “Red Pill” ever taken.

    No, Bill is 100% “Red-Pilled,” but as one of the founders of “Cancel Culture,” he knows if he strays from the reservation, he’s a NOBODY in Tinsle-town! He’ll be jobless, loveless, and probably homeless in 2 years and NO MORE cocktail parties starting right now…

    Bill is now “…part of the rebel alliance and a traitor,” The Left just hasn’t taken him away yet!

  2. Yup, media doesn’t say a lot. Like given the 700K deaths of those 65 and older, assuming on average they would have lived 10 years, and on average got $2000 a month social security, the government saved $168 Billion! You don’t hear much about social security insolvency anymore.

  3. I watched Mahr and Ben Shapiro on the Daily Wire. Shapiro let him off the hook numerous times, which was truly disappointing. Mahr claims “he hasn’t changed but the Democrat platform has.” He says that now after the fact and it’s more politically correct to start attacking the stupidity of the past two years. Mahr is an ignorant liberal. Always has been, always will be.

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