Bill Maher Calls Will Smith’s Slap A Result of ‘Toxic Femininity’

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Talk of the slap is still reverberating through the media cycle.

Coming along to stick a fork in the Will Smith-Chris Rock debacle was Real Time host Bill Maher.

“Thank you all for coming out and putting on a brave face,” Maher joked during his monologue on Friday.

“To Will Smith: stay strong and I will support you,” Maher added, before unwinding on the actor for breaking character at the Oscars ceremony. “April Fools. You’re a d*ck.”

Conversation on Will Smith’s slap has idiated support from two different sides of the conversation: one camp willing to condemn Smith for the assault, and the other side which has viewed Chris Rock’s joke as too offensive.

Maher wasn’t as forgiving with Will’s decision.

“Alopecia is not leukemia,” Maher stated, before pointing to what he believes was the root cause. “I blame toxic femininity.”

A running troupe with the Smith’s has been the underlying conceit of Jada Pinkett-Smith contrasted by Hollywood ‘nice guy’ and husband Will.

While Smith sees himself as the hero of the story — protecting his wife (or boss) — Maher couldn’t quite buy into Will’s rationale.

“That whole ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth’ thing didn’t quite work out.”

Like many viewers, Maher still found the slap to be the only redeeming moment from the show.

“Who would have thought the movie coming out of the Oscars with all the buzz was GI Jane.”

OutKick founder Clay Travis spoke on the issue and what the ramifications should be for the longtime actor.

“I believe Will Smith should be charged with a crime,” Travis said, “even if the punishment is not likely to be severe. Just to send the message that what he did was totally unacceptable.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. People in this country get more worked up about Smith’s bitch slap than millions illegally streaming across our southern border with tons of fentanyl that is killing thousands and thousands of our own. Tells you something about the lack of morality that has overtaken our population.

    • Or the highest inflation in 40 years or the government’s attempt to spend us into oblivion. Or the blatant attacks on free speech by the left. But a certain section of the public sees leftist totalitarianism as good.

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