Man Shares Crazy Story About Encountering A Bigfoot In South Carolina

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Another interesting Bigfoot story has hit the web.

Along with UFOs, stories about Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings are among the most popular on the internet, despite the lack of any concrete evidence.

Well, we have another doozy.

In a YouTube video shared by Matt Moneymaker, Dr. Bob Frady explained his alleged sighting of a Bigfoot while in Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina.

Not only did he allegedly see the mythical creature, but he got very close during the encounter that apparently took place in early August.

“We were laughing, cutting up and talking and then, something was right in front of the car. I would say maybe 15…20 feet at the most. Maybe closer than 15. It was just right in front of the hood. My brother was driving, I was in the passenger seat and my sister was in the back passenger seat, and we saw a flash. It lasted a couple of seconds and it was on the left side of the road,” Frady explained in the interview.

He further explained, “There was a big pine tree, and a palmetto stump that had a lot of greenery growing out of it. And, I didn’t see the head or shoulders. I saw the torso, the legs. It was approximately, 5’6″ or 6’0” tall. Dark brown, kind of splotchy black hair that looked to be around two to three inches long, and it took a couple of steps right in front of us and disappeared into what I call the jungle.

Another day on the internet, another alleged Bigfoot sighting. Is it just me or are these alleged sightings becoming more and more popular?

While I’m sure Dr. Frady is a great guy and believes what he’s saying, how do three people in a vehicle in the year 2022 not have the ability to take a photo on their cell phones?

When was the last time three people in America were in a vehicle and not one had the ability to take a quick photo? All we have here is a random location with an arrow pointing at the place it allegedly happened.

Was a Bigfoot sighted in South Carolina? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

As I’ve said many times, the lack of evidence surrounding Bigfoot sightings is just comical. We have so many stories, but not a single concrete video or photo.

At least with UFOs, there are tons of videos, including videos from our own military. Now, that doesn’t mean little green men are flying around, but it does mean something is going on.

With Bigfoot, there’s no proof of any kind.

Either show us some real proof or we simply have no reason to believe the Bigfoot stories. It’s that simple.

Written by David Hookstead

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