Big Ten Fans Revolt After Games Are Put On Peacock

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Ohio State fans and others around the Big Ten don’t seem too pumped about games being on Peacock.

NBC paid a fortune to get part of the B1G’s rights in the latest media deal, and that means some of the action will stream on Peacock.

Well, the first lineup of Peacock games was revealed by Brett McMurphy, and several notable teams will play on the streaming platform.

Most notably, Rutgers plays Wisconsin at noon October 7 on Peacock and Ohio State plays Maryland on the same day on the site.

Fans aren’t pleased with the Big Ten’s move to Peacock.

As you’d expect, fans of powerhouse programs weren’t overly pumped about having to watch games on the internet.

Ohio State fans led the charge, but there’s no doubt plenty got in on the mocking.

It’s hard to blame anyone for being upset.

Now, these games, in theory, could be flexed, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that happens. The idea that Ohio State or Wisconsin should be relegated to playing on a streaming site is a bit outrageous.

We’re talking about two teams that always draw eyeballs. Even in a bad year, Wisconsin still has the entire state watching.

Ohio State is one of the biggest brands in the country. Yet, those are the teams the B1G is okay with being on streaming?

Tanner Mordecai. (Credit: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA Today Sports Network)
Wisconsin will play Rutgers on Peacock. (Credit: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA Today Sports Network)

I don’t even think Michigan State and Iowa should be forced to do it. Streaming should be reserved for only the lowest of the low and the worst of worst.

Yet, the Badgers and Buckeyes will do it on the same day. Good luck selling that to fans and expecting them to be okay with it. How many older fans even know what Peacock is or how to get it? The answer is likely not many.

Ohio State plays Maryland on Peacock in October. (Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images)

This needs to be changed and if the Big Ten has any integrity, it will get done. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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