Big Papi Takes Over MLB All-Star Broadcast; Chaos Ensues

Big Papi’s En La Casa segment during FOX’s MLB All-Star broadcast was a dizzying trip fueled by Ortiz’s inaudible schmoozing and sideline swag.

The Red Sox legend piled on the questionable coverage, manically toying with the AL dugout and scampering away from interviews.

Among the highlights, Papi started ribbing Toronto’s Alek Manoah, telling the Blue Jays ace he’d “take [him] deep” if Ortiz wasn’t retired.

Ortiz also went to Houston’s Dusty Baker, begging him for a role in the outfield.

“I’m gonna save you ’til the ninth, just in case we’re behind,” Baker said.

Strolling his way over to Yankees All-Stars Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, Papi called for his lifelong rivals to “pay that man” after cozying up to Judge.

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Worst of all, as cameras followed Ortiz’s disorienting reporting, MLB’s honorary All-Star pick Miguel Cabrera was at bat. But viewers entirely missed out on Miggy’s action to watch Ortiz continue stumbling through the All-Stars.

Reactions to the Big Papi Cam varied on Twitter: from fans demanding Ortiz’s job to others calling for more Papi in future broadcasts.

Written by Alejandro Avila

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