Big Daddy Government Continues To Test Deer For COVID, Keeps Getting Not-So-Shocking Results

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Can the COVID virus be transmitted between humans and wildlife? Your tax dollars are being spent to find out. Massachusetts announced this week that its MassWildlife division has tested more than 500 white-tailed deer to find out if they were carrying COVID before being blasted by hunters who are stocking their freezers with meat while the government waits on a lab test result.

WBZ-CBS Boston reports that Massachusetts is working with the USDA on this project to determine “if the virus can move between humans and wildlife.” State wildlife researchers, according to WBZ, began testing deer when hunters brought in their kills back in November.

Not-so-shockingly, the TV station reports “it’s not known yet how many have tested positive.”

That’s right, the government still doesn’t have test results from deer tested in November. Your tax dollars at work, folks. A MassWildlife official says tests results should be back in a month or two!

Deer with COVID
Massachusetts is testing white-tailed deer (yes, that’s a red deer) for COVID / OutKick photo illustration / Getty

And in more not-so-shocking news, experts are finding that the deer aren’t dying of COVID BECAUSE THEY’RE ATHLETIC.

“They’ve been able to find that deer are contagious for about 4-to-5 days. There hasn’t been any recorded cases of deer dying or having any severe illness. But if you think about it, that kind of makes sense,” MassWildlife’s Martin Feehan official told WBZ. “Deer are very aerobic animals, they’re very athletic. So like athletic, aerobic humans, most people who are like that, who are quite healthy, they may get COVID and they may even get pretty severe symptoms, but they general don’t have lethal events.”

And in more not-so-shocking news, MassWildlife also reports that there’s zero evidence that wildlife has infected people with COVID.

Yet the government keeps rolling along with your tax dollars. MassWildlife knows what it’s doing. They want to start testing black bears for COVID. You know what that means…they want more money from the USDA. Pump that money into our pockets, Big Government Daddy!

Meanwhile, in Texas, they’re also testing (with the USDA’s funding) the whitetail deer for COVID. Researchers there claim the deer population “contracted COVID from a human source” but researchers don’t “know how that happened.”

And what are researchers planning on doing with the data that shows 37% of deer tested in Travis County have antibodies? Will deer be required to mask up while they’re in heat? Remember when University of Georgia students were being advised to mask up while banging and to be careful doing anal because it could possibly transmit the ‘VID?

Were Texas wildlife authorities planning on advising hunters not to eat the deer meat because there’s some random possibility they could get the ‘VID after cooking up a nice plate of backstraps?

In Ohio, your tax dollars determined that 36% of deer tested came back positive.

Ok, again, what are we doing with this earth-shattering data?

“We don’t know if deer are able to transmit the virus to humans,” an Ohio wildlife official told the Mansfield News Journal. “A human’s biggest risk of getting COVID is from another human.”

You don’t say.

But the wildlife official wasn’t done with great quotes.

“Viruses cannot live outside of a live host,” the official added. “Within some period of time after death, the virus will go away on its own.”

That’s right, eat that meat. Have a neighborhood cookout.

Ah, but Big Government Daddy isn’t done with the scare tactics. The ODNR deer biologist advises hunters to mask up when they’re dressing the deer.

“These are things that are out of abundance of caution because we just aren’t sure yet if it’s transmissible from deer to humans,” the ODNR official said.

It sounds like the government just needs to throw more money at this subject and that should solve it. Let’s pretend the government determines that deer can transmit COVID to humans. Now what? What does the government even do with that news?

These guys blasting deer aren’t wearing masks at the VFW. I don’t know why Big Dummy Daddy Government thinks Bill, who’s been hunting the same Jackson County, Ohio land for 50 years is going to mask up while he slices and dices a freezer filler.

Let’s see a big balls politician go into Vinton County, Ohio and tell the good ol’ boys at the Moose Lodge they need to be masking up in their processing barns. I want to see the video from that interaction.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I’ll take my chances with the deer I bring home fresh from the woods over store bought meat that I have no clue where it’s been.
    How would a wild deer contract Covid? They don’t let humans get close to them.

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