Big Ben’s Tommy John Scar, U.S. Open 1-Foot Rough & A Protester Launched Off A Cop Car

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And Week 1 is officially in the books thanks to the leg/foot of Stephen Gostkowski

The evil genius Bill Belichick nearly sank the Titans after letting Tom Brady fly off to Tampa and turn into Jameis Winston. Meanwhile, Hoodie gets Cam Newton off the scrap heap for pennies and has himself a bridge to wherever the Patriots go after Cam, 31, leaves for a bigger payday.

Did you get a good look at the Giants last night? That’s the makings of a last-place team. That 19-play drive, or whatever it was, really showed off what Jason Garrett is going to do with Daniel Jones. The guy is going to complete 40 passes a game for 175 yards and a pick. No touchdowns. If you thought the NFC East would be better this year than last year when the Eagles won the division at 9-7, you’d be wrong. It doesn’t appear anything has changed.

I was going over the schedule with my wife last night as we look forward to the fall with football. By now she’s used to me having Tuesday/Wednesday nights off to do things like cut the grass, rake leaves, prepare the house for winter. Friday nights are reserved for decompression and maybe a late-season round of golf. The rest if football, football, football. We’ve officially hit the grind and it feels great.

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