Big 12 Horns Down Policy Is Virtually Unintelligible

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the Big 12’s war on players taunting Texas players with a ‘horns down,’ along comes Big 12 Coordinator of Officials, Greg Burks, to make things worse by using “probably” when trying to clarify the league’s sportsmanship rule.

When asked at Big 12 Media Days about the rules, Burks told media members that if an opposing player taunts Texas players with a Horns Down, it will “probably” be a penalty.


Greg, are you high? What does “probably” mean, bro? Is it a penalty or not?

He’s not finished. A Horns Down by a player to his own fans “probably” won’t be a penalty. Seriously. This all came out of Greg’s mouth, and it’s on video. Greg added that it is always a possibility that it will be a foul.

And these people make really good money to be this dumb. Probably six figures. Maybe. Probably.

Remember when Texas “probably” gained 4-5 extra seconds to help the Longhorns beat Kansas in 2019? It appears the Big 12 is setting up a scenario where a Horns Down foul will be used in a subjective way to make sure the league doesn’t lose money. Let’s say somehow (it’s not going to happen, but let’s pretend) Texas is undefeated going into its final game of the season against Kansas State on November 26 and headed to the College Football Playoff.

Now let’s say K-State is leading late and Texas is in desperation mode. Then some K-State player throws up a Horns Down. Yep, that’s a penalty. The Big 12 has too much money to lose in this scenario. 15-yard taunting penalty!

Just wait.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • NEVER forget U-TX was invited to join the SEC before TAMU… Like Florida St., they thought they’d be better-off in a cupcake conference rather than having to compete with the Big Dogs… Now it’s pretty obvious that TAMU is the premiere athletic college in TX…

  1. For those of us that went to Big12 schools Texas is kind of like the Biden Administration, they make the rules and you can’t question them or you are a racist and bigot, Jim Crowe and some other BS. I lost faith in my Cowboys when Gundy apologized for wearing a T shirt, ridiculous.

  2. The rest of the Big 12 schools should play the race card here and make this silly rule go away, you may be asking yourself what the race card is here and I dont know (just like every other time its been used lately)

  3. Does every other Big 12 school get protection from taunting? I already know the answer. Sigh. Honestly the other teams just need to make a joke out of it and start the game with a horns down sign constantly drawing flags until it is so disruptive the refs have to stop throwing them or call the game. Equity for all, right? Or are some animals more equal than others?

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