Big 12 Commissioner Doesn’t Envision Schools Breaking Away From NCAA

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Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby doesn’t see member schools leaving the NCAA anytime soon.

The conference commissioner said the main reason being that not everyone would find success in a new league, including many programs used to winning.

“If 30 schools broke off, you’d take half of them that are traditional winners and they’d become traditional losers,” Bowlsby said, per The Athletic‘s Chris Vannini

Vannini reports the comments from Bowlsby came in response to a larger conversation about the idea of college athletes becoming employees, with the question being about the thought that schools could break away in order to professionalize some of their teams.

Larry Brown Sports reports that high-profile programs would inevitably have to deal with a lot more losing than they’re used to if they wind up in a league where they lose to the biggest teams in the sport on a regular basis.

While things aren’t ideal or perfect in the college football landscape, Bowlsby is probably right that this makes some sort of breakaway from the NCAA unlikely.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Let’s just end the facade that is NCAA “amateurism” already. Football, men’s basketball and to some extent baseball, are the minor leagues for professional sports. The only amateurs remaining are in the olympic sports. Between free transfers, NIL and now threatened breaking away from the NCAA it is done.

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