Biden’s Economic Rebound Still Not In Sight As Jobs Report Flops Yet Again

If you were to bet on the American economy adding more jobs in September than the month prior, your guess would have fallen flat.

Expectations were already low as economic reports forecasted that the labor force would introduce 500,000 jobs in Sept. — the final total, released Friday, only met about 39 percent of the projected mark with 194,000 jobs.

The same economy that Biden’s administration hopes to withdraw from in order to pay for his trillions in additional government spending is sputtering, with very little hope to see it rebound any time soon.

Between vaccine mandates that are creating an uncertainty for unvaccinated citizens in major Blue cities and months of extended unemployment benefits spearheaded by Democrats, the American workforce under the Biden administration continues to be mired by his own wrongdoings.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer spoke on the disappointing Biden jobs report and noted that while unemployment benefits did create a slight uptick in jobs added prior to Sept, the majority of the increase came from Texas as other states failed to recreate the same success and are watching their industries hindered by millions of unemployed workers.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Today, he crowed about how great the jobs report was, I’m thinking maybe his handlers are lying to him.., same shit as the Afghanistan cluster fuck, “greatest airlift of all time.” He knows he’s lying, we know he’s lying, he knows we know he’s lying, everybody knows it’s a lie… we.are.fucked.

  2. Rebound? What rebound? It’s sinking further into recession and will be a depression since he’s mandating people get injected with poison or be fired. Can’t wait to get stupid ass Testicle Don’t Lie’s take on this. It will probably be more stupid than normal, just like his hero, Fu*#k Joe Biden.

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