Biden Says There’s A ‘Good’ Side To Florida Condo Collapse

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President Biden either has a small foot or a big mouth. Either way, he found a way to insert one into the other when commenting on the recent Florida condo collapse. While visiting the disaster area, Biden rhetorically asked local leaders: “You know what’s good about this?”

Umm… Nothing.

By no means do I speak for everyone, but I have a hard time finding any “good” from a situation that’s left 18 dead and another 145 people missing. Biden continued: “We’re letting the nation know we can cooperate — and when it’s really important.”

Biden was in Florida to meet with local leaders, family members of victims, first responders and others near the Surfside, Florida tragedy. The New York Post reported that after thanking emergency response workers, Biden uttered more head-scratching comments, shifting focus from the disaster at hand to temperatures in…Vancouver: “As you all know, it’s not only what you’re dealing with now (ya know, the 18 dead and 145 missing), but your brothers and sisters across this country are having more pressure put on them because of the drought, because when you have 121 degrees heats up in Vancouver you really got a problem.”

He then shifted gears again, commenting: “I was on the Zoom call yesterday with all the Western governors and you know what they’re asking for? They need more firefighters… because, you know, last year the fire season didn’t start this early. And enough places burned down, enough territory burned to the ground  — more than, bigger than the size of Rhode Island. And already it’s started early.”

After today’s comments, the White House may want to track down some of those firefighters to assist with the dumpster fire at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.








Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Media Legacy of covering Dem ass in White House: FDR illness, JFK and a gazzillion gal pals, LBJ entrenching US in Nam, Clinton in most everything, Obammy and Socialism, now Biden on an hourly basis

    • Hey man – free universal childcare is infrastructure. Transgender surgery will become infrastructure before long. The meaning of terms has been and will continue to be twisted into meaning whatever the Orwellian want it to mean.

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