American Optimism About The Future Plummets

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If you are currently optimistic about the country’s future, you may struggle relating to your fellow Americans.

According to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll, American optimism about the country’s direction has plummeted nearly 20 points since — wait for it — May. Over half of the public, 55%, considers itself concerned about the country’s future. Moreover, pessimism is growing among all political groups. It’s not solely Republican voters fed up with the Democrat-led White House, Senate, and House.

President Joe Biden’s leadership on crimes and violence has contributed to the country’s concerns. Only 37% of the public approves of Biden’s approach to gun violence, while just 39% agree with his handling of crime.

Crime is surging in urban areas across the country. The rise in shootings, murders and vandalism in Democrat-run cities has even NPR — no enemy of the Left — admitting that Democrats face an uphill battle in 2022.

Poll participants are also dissatisfied with the U.S.-Mexico border situation. Only 37% of the public says Biden has handled the crisis well. 

Interestingly, Americans gave Biden his lowest approval rating for his handling of the pandemic yet. Presumably, looming threats of mask mandates in major cities contributed to the increased concerns. Though about six in 10 Americans still approve of Biden’s response to the coronavirus, poll trends indicate that number could fall below 60% next month.

The country remains divided, however, on Biden’s economic recovery plan. While 88% of Democrats approve, just 16% of Republicans say they are satisfied with Biden’s handling of the economy. Meanwhile, 49% of Independents voters agree with the country’s economic trajectory.

Overall, ABC poll numbers found that optimism is down roughly 20 points among Democrats and Republicans and down 26 points among Independents. 

It’s unclear how many poll participants came into the survey disgusted with gas prices, which of course are also Biden’s fault.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • Correct. Usually it`s about a 5-10 point swing toward democrats on these polls, especially when a network pays for it. I`m a little surprised that ABC actually released the results given it doesn`t match what their rooting for.

  1. This is what happens with liberals. It is a cycle. Start the fire, blame the GOP for the fire, then sell the fire extinguishers to put out the fire they started. Over and over and over again. When will people realize this about the Demokkkrats.

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