Biden Immigration Plan Involves Busing Illegals To Swing States

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President Joe Biden isn’t just bringing migrants into the U.S. His administration is reportedly busing them into swing states.

“Overwhelmed by the number of migrants surging across the southern border, the Biden administration has enacted what some are calling a ‘catch-and-bus’ policy, daily transporting scores of migrants to various locations within the U.S. where they can pursue more permanent legal status, the Center for Immigration Studies reported this week,” The Blaze reported.

Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania have long been viewed as “swing states” in presidential and other key elections. So the Biden administration is putting a whole new crop of potential voters where Democrats need them most.

The Blaze cited a senior national security office for the Center of Immigration Studies as estimating nearly 30,000 illegal immigrants having been bused into the country since Biden took office.

“Immediately overwhelmed and unwilling to return children with their parents, Biden’s [Department of Homeland Security] began handing out legal permission slips to pursue more permanent legal status later and put them on outward-bound buses,” CIS noted in its report.

“This practice, in turn, only propelled the crisis because, naturally, its satisfied beneficiaries passed on word of the new catch-and-bus practice on social media networks and calls home. A kind of gold rush began over the frontier that has only gathered volume and intensity by the day.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Back to the regularly scheduled demographics game.

    Anybody know how we can personally bus them to the gated communities of the politicians who are enacting this?

  2. I know 2 guys personally who are working members of border patrol right now. They are taking no part in this and are PISSED this stuff is happening and say nearly every single person they work with feels the same. If this admin keeps going out of their way to make these hard-working, patriotic guys look like incompetent a-holes, there are liable to be repercussions. It may be only a matter of time.

  3. Back to the Obama years, pushing “refugees” to slightly populated states to see if they would flip and make federal housing funds contingent of communities taking low income housing. Everything is about votes and power.

    • How is that? Please elaborate because I truly need some hope on all of this. I do worry about our great state of Texas. Every election cycle it seems to get closer and closer to purple. Dallas Morning News ran an article yesterday about most transplants to Texas come from California (not that we didn’t know that). Guess which way they vote?

  4. Flooding my state of FL, and other purple states, is being done with the 2030 Census in mind—to get illegals counted for the 2032 Congressional apportionment.

    Democrats are malignant cancerous cells that seek to outnumber, overtake and overwhelm their opposition.

    The decline of America is commensurate with how many within our population push America to simple-majority democracy.

    Can our decline be reversed?

    And if not, can it be stymied, long-term?

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