Biden Administration Refuses To Reveal How Many Vaccinated Staff Members Have Gotten COVID

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After announcing that an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a White House official have tested positive for the coronavirus, The White House has gone on the defensive. President Biden’s administrative team, including press secretary Jen Psaki, are refusing to release the total number of vaccinated staff who have contracted the virus. And Psaki can’t understand why the American people would want that information.

During Friday’s White House briefing, Psaki sidestepped direct questions about the total number of infected staff and asked why a reporter needed that information:

“As many medical experts have said, inside and outside of the government, those who are vaccinated are protected from serious illness,” Psaki said, when asked about cases within The White House. “Most are asymptomatic if they are individuals who are vaccinated.”

Pressed to answer, a rattled Psaki replied: “Why do you need to have that information?”

For “transparency, in the interest of the public, and a better understanding of how breakthrough cases work here at the White House,” the reporter shot back.

Unsurprisingly, Psaki declined to respond. She instead commented on how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are tracking breakthroughs throughout the country.

Who knew that dancing was one of the job requirements for staff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?




Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. A friend of mine in a southern state recently shared that he’s a positive after taking the full protocol of wuhan virus vaccinations. His doctor reported that no one is tracking infections following vaccination.

    The CDC only wants to shout about the 97% of new infections are coming from non-vaccinated individuals. At least thats the number they tell us.

  2. There are no vaccinations for fear or stupidity. I will give credit to the Ol Gropey cabal, they have contributed generously to the stock of material for the Library of American Political Humor. Madame Socki is an unrepentant Stasi mook. America Matters.

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