Yep, We Bet on Gatorade Baths, Too.

I've told this story once before, but I'll share it again here for the new readers and those that are looking to learn more about what you might need to do or consider doing for betting. When the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl the first time against the 49ers, I called both San Francisco and Kansas City's team and tried to talk to the locker room guys. I got as far as actually speaking with the season ticket people - they were no help. Why was I calling? So that I could ask them what color Gatorade is normally used and what would be used at the Super Bowl.

I've heard other stories in since that one - including the team doesn't pick the color and that it is actually Gatorade that picks the color of the drink for the team. Which makes no sense. We all have our favorite color - blue is mine, I saw Geoff Clark, fellow Outkick writer, likes purple, so for the first time I lost a bit of respect for him because everyone knows grape is the worst flavor of literally every thing. I could go on a further tangent about that, but you're hear to see what we should be for the Gatorade bath.

If you go back and rewatch the highlights of the Super Bowl when the Chiefs beat the 49ers, they dumped Orange Gatorade on head coach Andy Reid. If the players decide the color of the Gatorade, you can't really depend on it to be the same because of the turnover since that victory. However, the orange color at least slightly aligns with the colors of the Chiefs jerseys. Orange is currently listed as +350. I think this is the way you go if you like the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. There is no guarantee about this, of course, but red would be the next best option. Last year when the Rams won, they dumped Blue Gatorade on Sean McVay.

On the Eagles side, there really isn't a Green Gatorade - and it is lumped in with the classic yellow that seems to be the most common Gatorade despite it not tasting very good. I also feel like Philadelphia could be boring and dump water on their head coach instead. Water is +500 at DraftKings and +700 at FanDuel, so they are at least options. It is incredibly hard to tell what was poured on Doug Pederson from the full game replay - it looked clear, but pictures show that it was yellow or green. So, your two favorites for the game align with what happened last time. Green/Yellow is +300.

How am I betting this? I'm taking both Green/Yellow and Orange. If I use $100 on this I get $150 total back if it is Green/Yellow ($50 bet + $150 win - $50 bet on Orange). So I'll bet on both of them and get profit if either hit. Now, if it is something completely different this is a loss - Tampa used blue as well which is not even close to a team color. Since 2010, Orange has been used five times, Yellow just the one time, and Blue has been used four times (none and purple were the other two). Blue could be an option to look at but I personally won't be playing it.

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