What the Puck: Let's Take Some Chances on Hockey Today

I've won three of my last four games that I've shared on NHL and am back to profitable in the endeavor for OutKick. While I've enjoyed the challenge, I've also recognized just how hard this is to really try and break down a sport that I only somewhat paid any attention to over the past few years. There is a ton of opportunity in every sport, but picking spots is the best approach. I am taking one unit and splitting it over three games today with four total bets. So, it isn't a "picking spot approach" in this one, it is more me saying here are some good opportunities and I'm going to play smaller bets on multiple plays rather than just one larger play I'm not as confident in.

Devils vs. Penguins, 5:30 ET

I had a bet on the Penguins game yesterday and that was a winner. I won't say it wasn't a sweat, because it certainly was. The Islanders only pulled the game out by one goal. I kind of expected them to win by multiple. They needed a comeback in their game but the reason they won was partially because I think Pittsburgh is a bit tired. They had to travel from West to East Coast and now are on a back-to-back game. The Devils are great on the road and the Penguins are really good at home ,but I think we get a very good value on the Devils and I'll grab them at -115 today.

Rangers vs. Flames, 10 ET

This is another game that I think we have an opportunity to win with the back-to-back. I'm taking Calgary to win this one at -140, which is higher than I like, but the opportunity is too good to pass up in my opinion. The Rangers played last night and did beat Edmonton in a shoot out, but that means they played a lot of hockey yesterday. Now they didn't have to travel too far or anything, but they do still travel and face Calgary, a team that isn't playing great, but at least was sitting at home yesterday. They also played the Rangers well in their only other matchup this year. I'll back them tonight and put a bit on the puck line at +170 for the Flames to cover -1.5.

Blue Jackets vs. Stars, 6:00 ET

Look, Columbus sucks this year, but they are playing fairly well over their past few contests. They've won two of them and have been competitive in three of the four games. Do I think this is a surefire winner, no. Not all teams on back-to-back with travel will lose. NBA is my bread and butter, but even that doesn't happen every time in that league which is wildly unpredictable. I like the Blue Jackets to at the very least keep this close, if not win the game outright. Dallas hasn't played very well their past three contests and have played a lot of hockey. They had an overtime loss on the 14th, a shoot-out loss last night, and now are back to Dallas. That's tough on a team. I'll take my chances on a +225 moneyline. The puck line of +1.5 at -125 is significantly safer, but I prefer this angle.

That's how I'm breaking up my 1u total on these three games. Good luck however you choose.

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