What Kawhi Leonard's Injury Report Means for Betting Odds

It wasn't just another nightmare in Los Angeles. Deandre Ayton's game-winning alley-oop dunk really happened. 

Here's worse news. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers fear that Kawhi Leonard, who is out with an ACL injury, will not be available at any point against the Suns.

The confidence is "not there right now," ESPN reports.

Between that report and Chris Paul's likely return, there's little value in betting the Clippers (0-2) at +540. However, bettors don't get rich betting only on series winners. Instead, they predict the series' final count. 

FanDuel Sportsbook has listed the following odds:

Even without Leonard, the Clippers' talent and depth are on par with the Suns'. Not to be cruel to a millionaire athlete, but Los Angeles likely wins Game 2 if Paul George could make his free throws.

I'm inclined to take the Suns 4-2 at +440. The disparity between Suns in 5 (+155) and Suns in 6 (+440) is no joke. 

The Clippers are winning Game 3. Count on that. Hold your breath, pray LA pulls out Game 4 or 5, and bet Suns in 6.

For a bonus, I'm intrigued by FanDuel's Finals MVP odds:

Once Chris Paul returns -- it's absurd he's out anyway -- the gap between Paul and Devin Booker will close. The difference is already too wide. 

MVP voting is storyline-driven. It always has been. Chris Paul is the story of the NBA Playoffs. Should Paul finally win a title -- two years after basketball writers wrote him off -- he'll also receive a lot of votes.

Trae Young at +1300 is also worth a look. Are we sure Atlanta can't go toe-to-toe with the remaining three teams?

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