UTSA Can Win Against Troy In Duluth Trading Bowl

UTSA vs. Troy, 3 PM ET

This is arguably the best bowl game we get all weekend. This is the only Bowl Game this weekend that has two top-25 teams. Both squads come in with a nice 11-2 record, and while they may not be the biggest teams in the market they are still solid and should give us a nice matchup.

University of Texas San Antonio has played really well this season and looks to put an exclamation point at the end of the season with the Duluth Trading Cure Bowl. I'm not sure how many people will remember that name specifically, but winning a bowl game is always cool. Anyway, UTSA has averaged 38.7 points on offense per game this season. They have a really strong passing attack with quarterback Frank Harris leading the way with 31 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. Troy has a surprisingly good defense, but I'm not sure that they will be able to hold back this aerial attack from UTSA. Zakhari Franklin has been almost unstoppable at wide receiver and Troy will not be able to hold him down. I am more concerned about the defense of UTSA than I am about their offense.

Troy, first off, is a great name for a school, or last name for a sports betting writer. Love for the school name aside, Troy is a solid squad and while I am concerned about the UTSA defense but not their offense, it is the other way around for Troy. I think the offense of Troy has some question marks but the defense of Troy has been good enough to keep them in a lot of games. Troy has put up at least 34 points in their past three games. The passing yards allowed from UTSA are about equal to what Troy typically averages. I really just don't know who is going to be the difference-maker on offense for Troy when they need a play. Their quarterback has thrown 10 interceptions on the year and just 13 touchdowns. I don't know that he will make a difference even against UTSA defense that can be passed on.

I'm taking UTSA +2 in this game. I really wouldn't be surprised if they win the game outright. Troy's offense might not have the firepower to come back if they fall behind early. This could be a tight game, but I have more faith in UTSA figuring out the defense of Troy than I do in Troy being able to put a ton of points on the board.

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