Tennessee Will Crush Missouri in the First Half

Missouri vs. Tennessee, 12 ET

Last week didn't quite go to plan for Tennessee, huh? After briefly being the number one team in the country they were embarrassed by Georgia in Georgia and now fell down to fifth. It really doesn't matter though, this is a new week and we now have a new situation and environment to cap for this game. I think there is a clear side in this one.

Missouri is not a good football team. They probably also come into this game realizing that they are playing a pissed-off Tennessee team. There really isn't much that Missouri does that I think will stop the Vols in this game. I also think their offense which has barely mustered 20 points in their past five games will be able to do anything against a Tennessee defense at home. The passing game of Missouri has more interceptions than they do touchdown passes. Their running game is solid enough, but if you stand there and dare the other team to throw on you, you'll probably be able to stop their one-faceted attack.

If you remember a few weeks ago, Alabama lost (yes, they lost last week too). When Alabama lost, they came out in the next game and dominated the first half of the game. I expect Tennessee to do much of the same in this one. Hendon Hooker will likely come out looking to avenge what was a pretty mediocre game against the vaunted Georgia defense. They still have a shot to make it to the college football playoff, but right now they are on the outside looking in. I fully expect the Vols to do everything they can to beat the crap out of Missouri and get back into the groove. I should mention that Georgia played Missouri and it was closer than the game against Tennessee. My guess is that Georgia cared a bit more about last week's game though.

I'm taking the Vols to cover the -10.5 spread in the first half. I wouldn't be surprised to see them come out and cover the first quarter and full game as well. I expect them to attack and keep attacking the entire game to get the bad taste out of their mouth.

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