Sportsbooks Don't Care Clippers Will Sign Russell Westbrook

Rumors have been swirling about Russell Westbrook's next team after he was traded from the Los Angeles LeBrons and bought out by the Utah Jazz earlier this month.

Reportedly, Westbrook will move down the hall at the Arena and sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. The signing makes zero difference in LAC's title odds. That speaks volumes about the market's view of Westbrook.

The "basketball fit" isn't as important for Westbrook and the Clippers as it was to the Lakers. Westbrook's contract took up too much of LAL's salary cap and hurt their roster flexibility.

The Lakers needed Westbrook to fit with LeBron and AD. LAC is taking a flyer on Westbrook. Perhaps he works, perhaps he doesn't. Either way, Russell should improve the Clippers' locker room.

Russell Westbrook brings 'chutzpah' to the Clippers

For the record, I agree with the sportsbooks not budging the LAC's price to win the NBA Finals post-Westbrook signing. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing for the Clippers.

LAC's load management is the lamest shit in the NBA. It sucks. At least we know Westbrook is going to bring it every game.

Paul George played with Westbrook at Oklahoma City. George resigned with the Thunder before getting traded to the Clippers BECAUSE of Westbrook.

Kawhi Leonard is a robot and Westbrook's personality isn't going to effect Leonard. I'm not sure anything does. Essentially, LAC's locker room could use a player with a chip on his shoulder.

More importantly, Russell allows the Clippers to lighten PG's and Kawhi's workload. Again, I hate it, but LAC obviously takes nights off. Westbrook plays hard and is always healthy.

Finally, I trust Clippers head coach Ty Lue can figure this out. Whether it be using Russell off the bench, as a starter or not at all, Lue won't be hampered by Westbrook.

Maybe I'm just talking myself into this move because I bet LAC to win the West at +550 during the NBA All-Star break. But, the Westbrook signing poses no risk to the Clippers, only upside.

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