Same Game Parlay: Hawks-Bucks Game 6

I would bet that Trae Young tries to give it a go. I’m not thinking he will play an incredible number of minutes, especially if the Hawks are up or down big. Giannis is out, and that helps guide the Bucks game plan and allows us to start our Same Game Parlay. 

Bobby Portis was great last game. In games without Giannis, he has been much more aggressive and scored 22 the other night given more minutes to play. 15 points seems like a lock for him, so I want to boost this up to 20+ points. I don’t think he gets to 25, but 20 seems reasonable and is still a plus money play at +188. 

Khris Middleton wasn’t the leading scorer for the Bucks in Game 5, but he was the leading rebounder of the game on both sides. I don’t expect that to happen again, but it is reasonable to think he will grab another 10 boards and give himself a double-double. This should be a much more passionate game from the Hawks, so maybe they do a better job of boxing out and limiting Middleton’s chances to grab rebounds, but I think 10 is a safe number. 

Offensively, PJ Tucker doesn’t do much. He pretty much hides in the corner and waits to get a pass to shoot threes. He is only averaging two attempts per game in the series. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of shooting them. It just really isn’t his game. I’m taking it to be his game tonight though. Brook Lopez took over for the Bucks last game and the Hawks will now adjust to the Game 5 performance. Tucker should get a couple extra threes and I think he knocks two down tonight. 

I was way off on Holiday last game, so I’m going to do a completely 180. I thought that he was going to be more of a scorer, and less of a facilitator in Game 5. He dished out 13 assists. He also scored 25 points so I wasn’t that far off. I think he will be able to replicate that performance tonight and am taking him at +180 to get 12+ assists. 

All of these are Bucks players, to me it is a bit safer than trying to guess what happens with Trae and the Hawks. 

Same Game Parlay:

Total odds are +6021, a $10 bet pays out $602.13. 

Add in Bogdan Bodganovic to score the first basket at +700 and the odds increase to +45747, where a $10 bet pays $4,574.67 if we win.