Ravens Can Steal Win on the Road

Ravens vs. Saints, 8:15 ET

The Ravens take on the Saints in a Monday Night Football battle. We have a really strange game here because the Saints are in a division that seems like no one wants to win, and the Ravens are in what appears to be a two-team race but could have the Browns thrust in there if they can remain relevant over the next couple of weeks. This is an important game for both of them, so there is motivation on both sides.

If you had to choose a quarterback to start a franchise Lamar Jackson wouldn't be my first choice, but he probably would be third at this point. It isn't that I think he has a great arm or something, but the guy does seem to win games. On the year, he's tossed 15 touchdowns and ran for another two. He's chewed up over 2100 yards via the arm and rushing attack that he has as a duel threat. But, most impressive to me, is that he's doing this with wide receivers that might as well be Amazon delivery drivers the rest of the week. I don't really think there is a question about who is a better team in this game - it should be the Ravens. They've lost a couple of games that left you scratching your head, and their passing defense could use some tightening up (to say the least), but they are also clicking right now.

The Saints are not really struggling to move the ball. They have 400+ yards of offense on average in every game. It is only resulting in about 25 points per game, but that's exactly the amount that they are allowing on defense per game too. They have Andy Dalton at quarterback and he's been fine, but there is a reason he is on his 4th team in four years. Now, the Saints best receiver is gone in Michael Thomas. Alvin Kamara had a great game, but we know that there will be a game plan for him. The way you can attack the Ravens though is through the passing game, and I don't have much confidence in Andy Dalton to deliver on that area of opportunity.

The Ravens are playing in almost nothing but close games. A lot of times I think these games come down to which quarterback is better, but also which quarterback has the potential to take advantage of the holes every defense has. Jackson is that quarterback. The Ravens are just -130 on the moneyline to win this game, so I'll play them that way. I prefer that much more than trying to play the spread.

I do think Taysom Hill scores a touchdown in the game. I don't see a line at the time of the writing though.

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