Raiders Will Take a W on the Road

Raiders vs. Steelers, 8:15 ET

This game, the only one on Saturday's prime-time slate, should be kicking off right around the time crazy uncle Eddie is on his third scotch and soda. Or maybe when the food is being placed on the table so you'll be checking on the phone in-between questions from the aunt you see once a year. No matter what happens when this game is going on, you'll have the option to excuse yourself as you tell your family you need to focus on the game as you have a ticket that can cash for you to pay off your Christmas gift debt.

The Las Vegas Raiders are easily the most disappointing squad in football this season. At 6-8, they should probably be over .500 and looking to fight for a playoff spot right now. If you want to recall the game from last week, the Raiders won in an interesting fashion. They were able to win over the Patriots on the last play when New England lateralled the ball to the Raiders. Anyway, they kind of deserved to have one win go on their side after they had a last-minute loss to the Rams and they also fumbled away a victory to the Cardinals earlier in the season. Not exactly an exciting stretch for them this year. Still, they are winners of four of their past five games. The Raiders can keep the momentum going and need to in order to make this season end on a positive note. They do have a winable game though.

The Steelers have been fine overall, but are a bit confusing about which direction they are headed. They are 6-8 on the year and have won three of their past five games. Mitch Trubisky was the quarterback last week but it looks like Kenny Pickett is going to take the reigns back over this week with him being a full participant at practice. I'm a little concerned that he will be rusty, and honestly, he didn't look great in the games he did play. Pickett has thrown eight interceptions and tossed just four touchdowns to go with it. He's been okay with his rushing, but even that is inconsistent. I think we are going to see a struggling Steelers offense, just like we've seen the entire season. Their defense is just okay as well.

I like the Raiders to win this game. They seem a bit better lately, but it is also that even their defense should be able to stop bad Pittsburgh quarterbacks. I don't think the Steelers will tank either, and this should be back and forth. I hate the Raiders defense if I need a stop, but I won't count on Pittsburgh to be able to score the entire game. I'm taking the Raiders to win the game at +110. However, if you want the 2.5 points, go for it.

Josh Jacobs +450 for first touchdown will get a sprinkle and Davante Adams at +600 will get a bigger bet.

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