Play the Under at Camden Yards Tonight

Go ahead and show me the ticket. I'll be waiting on Twitter to see them. I want to see your Orioles ticket that said they are going to the playoffs, your over their win totals, your division winner tickets. I want to see the people out there that had faith in them. They are the first, and I believe only, team to cover their win total and it is only August. They are still on a roll even after trading away their best player, too.

Tonight, Nick Pivetta takes on the Orioles. I've liked Pivetta this year. If he didn't pitch so poorly in April and July, you'd probably be talking about him as one of the better arms in the AL East. But, he did pitch poorly, and so his ERA is a bit inflated. August has been better for him, he's gone 18 innings over three starts and has allowed just six earned runs. Sure, two of those games came against the Royals and Pirates, two teams that you're not exactly concerned about from their offensive prowess, but still, they are major league teams. He also pitched well against the Braves, though in between those two games I mentioned. He may have refound his groove. It doesn't help that the Red Sox lost two of those three games, though.

For the Orioles, Dean Kremer takes the ball. He's been decent for the Orioles, but he tends to keep them in the game, if nothing else. He has a very respectable 3.58 ERA, but doesn't go super deep into games. He's only gone six or more innings in four of his 13 starts. The Orioles bullpen isn't something I really like relying on either. Against Boston, he's only had one start, and it didn't go great. He allowed four earned runs in 5.2 innings in a loss. Again, acceptable, but not great. Still, one sign of promise for tonight is that he has a 2.57 ERA during night games. Maybe he will come out nervous on a nationally televised game for Sunday Night Baseball, but he could also come out poised and ready for the challenge.

Before I even checked the line for the game, I thought it was a toss-up, and the line is showing the smallest edge to the Red Sox. I'd have to agree, but instead, I think the total is too high for this one. If Pivetta can keep on his roll, this shouldn't be an issue at all. I'll take the under 8.5 runs at -105.

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