Play the Home Dog in LA

I believe I’ve said this before, and I’ll likely write it again, but how are the Twins allowing Dylan Bundy to start games for them during a playoff run and a chance at their division? It wouldn’t surprise me if the Angels allowed him to pitch for them, because they are going nowhere (once again). And, he pitched for them last year. But, the Twins? Seems counterproductive.

To answer a bit of how the Twins are letting Bundy pitch for them, it is because he is limited in the number of innings they allow him to pitch. They’ve taken him out after five innings in the last six starts. He’s only pitched in the sixth inning five times this season. He’s been very bad on the road this year. He’s posted a 6.33 ERA.  To top all of this off, in his two seasons with the Angels, he had a 6.75 ERA at Angel Stadium in 2021 and 4.38 in 2020. I don’t expect him to pitch well tonight.

Reid Detmers might be one of the stronger pitchers in the Angels rotation. He’s got four quality starts in his last five outings and the one inning he didn’t get to the sixth he went five innings with zero earned runs. Unfortunately, the Angels aren’t doing much with these strong starts. In his last 11 starts, they’ve only won two of the games. It could be they are facing good opponents, or it just could be that anyone that goes to the Angels not named Trout or Othani forget how to hit.

Still, I can only take the Angels tonight.

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