Outkick Bets: NFL Bets

There are just a handful of games left in this season and every single snap has taken on a lot more significance. It’s time to capitalize on these teams. Three big ones to watch are just below.


Let’s start with Indy/Houston. It’s going to be a bad week for the Texans. Well, a worse week. The Texans were already dealing with illness issues that was cancelling practices and now they have to welcome in a ticked off Colts team that gave away the game last week. The ticked off Colts is the same team that gave it away by barely using their lightning strike of a running back. It’s also the same team that is going to make sure that doesn’t happen again. The Texans are. A bad team and the Colts are going to make them look that way. We gave this out on Outkick Bets the Show earlier this week at Colts -8.5. It’s now -10. Might be a solid reason to watch that daily 30-minute show.


It seemingly does not matter what happens to this Raiders team, they will continue fighting and scoring and that’s an admirable quality and we are going to use that to our favor this weekend. Washington’s defense struggles badly with passing teams, ranking 30th in their defense of the air. Vegas happens to be sporting the #2 passing attack in the league. The WFT also gives up more points than I am comfortable with (25.6) and that’s 25th in the NFL. I’ll take the Raiders, the team that’s also us much more time to ready themselves.


Kansas City is on a 5-16-1 stretch ATS. That does include them covering on their last two. Denver has been a double-digit underdog once this season and they crushed Dallas in that game. I don’t think there will be repeat of that, but the Broncos cover more than they don’t. If you aren’t a fan, you’ve probably looked down at your phone and seen a score update for Denver and thought “hmm, that’s something” at least a dozen times this season. They are hard to predict and are a very stingy defense that won’t let Kansas City have much very easily. Give me the dog, in division.