Ohio Announces Ridiculous Sports Betting Starting Date

In true Ohio style, the Buckeye State announced Wednesday that it will be ready to start taking sports bets -- in January 2023. The Ohio Casino Control Commission says it will be ready to go January 1, 2023 which will mean the state will miss out on a whole year of college football gambling as the OCC gets its act together just in time to be LIVE on January 1.

Nope, not Labor Day weekend when Ohioans are ready to blow huge money betting on the Ohio State Buckeyes when Notre Dame rolls into Columbus for the first time since 1995. That's right, the commission won't be ready to go.

On December 8, 2021, the state passed House Bill 29 which legalized sports betting in Ohio. The bill took effect March 23. And because we're talking about Big Government, the state won't get around to accepting applications "until the Commission's provisional licensing rule takes effect on June 25, 2022."

Don't even think of submitting an application before that date!

After June 25, Big Government will do its thing and that means more delays, more weeks of people making paychecks, delays, more emails, more Zoom calls, more Friday lunches followed by early outs so people can enjoy a 2 1/2-day weekend.

Meanwhile, you have Ohio sports fans from Cincinnati to Columbus and on up I-71 looking to eviscerate their paychecks on Bengals, Buckeyes and Browns games.

Nope. Now they'll eviscerate their paychecks on sports betting and Christmas gifts while Ohio politicians will be sitting there on January 1 with their arms wide open.

How will Ohio sports betting work once it goes live?

You'll have the option to place bets in Ohio using a phone, betting at a physical location, or a kiosk at a bar. Lottery kiosks at grocery stores and other points of sale will be converted to allow for limited sports betting. These kiosks will also be available at bars and restaurants.

That's right, you'll be able to get the Browns plus the points, place a Keno bet and suck down draft beers with the boys.

Or sit at home living a loner lifestyle and do it on your phone.

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