Offenses Ball Out Tonight in Georgia State vs. Appalachian State

Georgia State vs. Appalachian State, 7:30 ET

You're probably not that pumped up about a Sun Belt matchup on a Wednesday, but let's face it, this is the only football game available right now and we probably will watch it. I'm not one for just betting on stuff because it is on television, but I do think we have a line that is allowing us to make a little play on the game.

Georgia State comes into the game at just 2-4 for the year. Their two wins came in their last two games against Army - a school not really known for its strong football program, and Georgia Southern - another team that you aren't going to find on a list of top programs. They did stick with North Carolina earlier in the year and ultimately lost by just one touchdown. Their offense isn't really the issue here, they are able to throw the ball pretty well and run on most teams. They are averaging 436 yards for the season, but their defense is giving up 438 yards per game. I think they will struggle to stop an Appalachian State team that is coming into this game averaging 35 points per game.

I just mentioned how many points the Mountaineers are scoring on the year and their offense is where I am focusing for this game. Quarterback Chase Brice has looked really good in his games this year, slinging it for 1,674 yards and 18 touchdowns in six games. This is a good team overall that has pretty good balance offensively. I think Brice tonight looks to unload as much as possible on the Georgia State defense that struggles to cover anyone. To be clear, too, this isn't just stat stuffing from Brice when he has to throw because they are trying to come back in games. That is part of it, but they are also looking to be aggressive on offense.

Okay, so we have a bad defense on one side, and a good offense on the other that looks to score often. What are we playing? The over, of course. At just 60 points, I think we have some room here because Appalachian State is also not a great defensive unit. They should have less trouble than Georgia State will, but they still will allow some points to a decently dynamic Panthers offense.

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