NBA SGP for 76ers vs. Bucks

The NBA is going on a break tomorrow for the All-Star Game. The first "half" of the season has been very good. There haven't been too many lack of effort type games, and the competition level, in general, seems better than in past seasons. You have a few premier teams and a few bottom dwellers, but that's the case with all sports. Tonight, we get a chance to do a Same Game Parlay risk-free. We take $10 and place it on a stack of plays and if we win, great. If we lose, we get the money back.

Let's get to it. I'm going to start with two All-Stars, two guys that are in the MVP discussion, and two big men. Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo are the premier players in this game and both top five in the game right now. I think they both go at each other this game with both scoring over 30 points. Embiid has dropped over 30 points in 13 of his last 20 games. He had 19 in just 26 minutes against the Celtics this week before they blew the doors off the 76ers and Embiid was taken out for the game. Tonight should be a closer game and he should score over his 31.5 points.

Giannis is coming off a game where he put in 50 points. He only missed four field-goal attempts in that game. Embiid could prevent Giannis from going off, but they don't really guard each other for the full game anyway. Maybe that changes tonight, but I don't think either team has someone that can stop the other. I think he gets over 30 with ease tonight. Primetime games bring out primetime players.

I normally take the team that is off of an embarrassing loss to win the game or at least cover the spread. I think the 76ers probably do cover, but I have no faith in either side with their current health and rosters. I imagine both want that break to come so motivation could be an issue for both teams. This leads to a most players not caring on defense so I'll take the over on the points for the game.

An area of opportunity for the Bucks is on the glass. Bobby Portis is a high energy guy and he will be guarding Embiid who has the ball a lot, both far and close to the rim. There should be plenty of opportunities to get rebounds for Portis. I'll take his over 7.5 rebounds at -128.

One other addition is Danny Green. He has lost a step, or maybe more in the last years, but he can still get hot and catch threes. He has a heavily juiced 2+ threes at -166, which I normally wouldn't play, but to enhance my parlay, I'll take it.

Total Parlay:

Total odds: +1341, a $10 bet pays 134.10 if we win and $10 if we lose. I might even add Embiid for the first basket to get the odds to +6059.