NBA Same Game Parlay for Suns vs Hawks

We’ve come close on a few of these parlays that we have given out. This time I’m going to go a little more conservative rather than just going all out and hoping we hit the lottery. Either way, it is to our advantage because this is risk-free. We put up a $10 bet and if it loses, we get our money back. If it wins, great. Let’s see what we can play.

I’m taking the Suns -4. They are playing great basketball lately. The Hawks are playing better too, but they aren’t in the same league as this locked-in Suns team. At home, the Hawks typically play better, but Trae Young is also less than 100% right now. The biggest concern I have on this play is that the Suns have lost three games in a similar situation this season. But, Devin Booker didn’t play in two of those games. I’ll start with them covering the spread.

The last time the Suns played the Hawks, Devin Booker dropped 38 points on them. That was at home where he actually is scoring fewer points. On the road, Booker is averaging 27.8 points per game. I’m going to put him in this parlay to get at least 25. Why? Well, he has been playing great lately, but the point total of 29.5 is a little high for me. I’ll play this a bit more conservative and take him to get to the easily accomplished 25 points.

Chris Paul is averaging 15 points per game on the season. Tonight, his total is just 15.5 points and I think he should get there. In an earlier game against the Hawks, he got to 16 and didn’t really have to try all that hard. He is shooting enough shots to get here, so I feel safe to take the over on his point total.

Staying with Chris Paul, here are his assists totals the last six games: 14, 19, 14, 5, 13, 16. That is absurd production from the Point God. If you want to be super conservative, take him to get over 10 assists, that drops the payout significantly. I’m comfortable playing him over 12.5 assists. He cleared 13 in the first game against the Hawks. Now, the first matchup isn’t always an indication of what will happen in the next game, but it does at least give some perspective.

The last play I’m adding in here is Kevin Huerter. If Trae Young is out, I love this play even more, but with him in, it should still be fine. Huerter is just at 1.5 for a three-point total tonight. I’m taking him to get over that total. On the season, Huerter is averaging two threes per game in home games. I’ll take him to get over.

Total Parlay:

Total odds: +1226, a $10 bet pays $122.60 if we win, and $10 if we lose.