Moneyline Bet in the Battle of Texas

Do you know what is hard to do? Pick two teams to win that score a total of zero runs combined. That, my friends, is a real talent. We dropped two of our three official plays and went 1-1 on our sprinkles. My record has been stellar all year, but I will admit this past week has been a rough patch. Time to get out of it.

Did you know that Martin Perez was a top-10 ERA pitcher for the Rangers? If we are being honest, I didn't realize he was that good. But, he has been phenomenal in situations that fall into tonights category. It is a road game - in those, he has a 2.26 ERA. It is a night game, he has a 1.51 ERA in those situations. Against, the Astros, he has gone 16 innings and allowed just one earned run. Perez has been a very good pitcher and I think he can keep that up tonight.

Jose Urquidy is taking the ball for the Astros. He's been solid for them this season, but not great. At home, he has seen much more improvement - he has a 2.30 ERA. He also has been improving his ERA each month. In July, he had five starts and it resulted in a 2.73 ERA. In August, he has only one start, a seven-inning contest with two hits and no runs allowed. Against Texas, he has two starts that span 12.2 innings and just four earned runs.

This is a close match that really could go either way. If you're telling me it is a 50/50 proposition, and I can get +150 or better on the Rangers, I'm taking it.

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