Michigan Can Keep it Close Against Ohio State

Michigan vs. Ohio State, 12 ET

Is this the only time we will see this matchup this season? I wouldn't think so. I would guess that there is at least an outside shot that these teams can both make it to the College Football Playoff, and maybe they both face each other in the first game. Either way, only one advances to the Big 10 Championship game.

This is the type of game that Jim Harbaugh was brought in to win for Michigan. He finally broke that barrier last year when Michigan destroyed Ohio State. This is a different year, different teams, and most importantly, a different environment. While both teams come into this game 8-0 on the year, neither has had to face any team that is very impressive. Both have played Penn State, a ranked team. Michigan hasn't faced any ranked opponent aside from them. Ohio State only faced Notre Dame in addition to Penn State early in the year.

On offense look for Michigan to establish the run as much as possible. Their running back, Blake Corum, is a bit banged up and they need him to be the best version of himself in this game. If this comes down to Michigan needing to throw the ball in order to get back into the game, I don't know that I have much confidence in them winning. For Ohio State, C.J. Stroud, their quarterback, and Heisman candidate needs to do exactly what he's been doing all year. He has almost 3000 passing yards and has thrown for 35 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions. I do think Michigan's defense will cause a disruption and be a challenge for Ohio State.

I'm taking the points here. I don't know that Michigan has a great chance to win here, but 7.5 is too many. I'm upset I missed the better number, but I'll still take the points here as I think this is probably more of a field goal game than it is a touchdown difference between the two. It is going to be an uphill battle for Michigan though. I don't need them to win, just keep it close.

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