Miami Blocks FG And TD Swings First Half Over In Clemson Game

Up 21-3, Clemson decided to attempt a 61-yard field goal as time expired. That attempt led to a blocked FG returned for a touchdown by Miami. Huge mistake from Dabo Swinney that brought Miami right back into this game. More importantly that was a BRUTAL way to bust the first half U30.5.

Bone headed decision to kick there up 18 going into halftime, but Swinney owned up to it coming off the field.

"That's just a bad coaching decision on my part. That's no body's fault but mine. I thought about the risk and shouldn't have done that."

The beauty and the curse of college football gambling. Probably a good idea to get these early season mistakes out the way before Clemson heads towards another playoff.

Hopefully none of you had the under because that's just cruel.

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