Low Scoring Affair Expected in Pittsburgh

Browns vs. Steelers, 1 ET

It isn't every year that you get the opportunity to keep your division rival out of the playoffs. This was a rebuilding year for the Steelers and they still might make the playoffs. Now, they need some help in order for it to happen, but it can happen which is encouraging for Pittsburgh fans. Before you pop the champaign bottles though, will the Steelers take down the Browns?

The Browns are alternating wins and losses recently, and they won their most recent game against the Commanders. Deshaun Watson has looked more comfortable recently. He still isn't running like he used to, but he's been encouraging with the plays he has made. I think the most positive is that he tossed three touchdowns last week and no interceptions against a good Commanders defense. The Steelers have won four of their past five games, but they haven't really dominated any of those games. Their defense is still strong, but I think that the Browns have a chance to attack a vulnerable secondary of Pittsburgh. I don't expect the Browns to rest anyone, especially Watson as he needs as much playing time as possible to get back into form for next year.

The Steelers have burned me a couple of times now and I am not sure that they won't a third time. I thought the Raiders would take them down, the Steelers won late in the game. I thought the Ravens would take down the Steelers, but they fell late as well. They won't get into the playoffs with a win, but they can secure a winning season with a victory here. If they get the win, they are still alive and need help from both the Bills (likely) and the Jets (I think unlikely). If the Steelers can get Kenny Pickett to make any progress, I think they should coast in this game. Najee Harris is a workhorse back and will be one way they attack the Browns who do struggle a bit against the run. I do think it is interesting that the Steelers are 3-4 right now at home on the season, I am surprised they haven't been better at home. It gives me a bit of pause in this game that the Steelers are just going to coast.

The total on this game is probably the best way to look here. It is likely to be a defensive matchup and the Steelers aren't scoring a ton of points. Their defense has held teams down fairly well. I'm taking the under 40.5 in this one. If I had to play a side I'd take the Steelers. They should win this one, but my favorite play is the total.

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