Low Score In Cowboys Vs. Eagles

The Cowboys and Eagles kickoff at 8:20 pm EST tonight.

For the past, I don't know, five or so years, this was the most interesting game of the NFC East. The Cowboys fans hate Eagles fans, and Eagles fans hate everyone. Now we have them both at the top of the division and there can be some separation between the two of them. This should be a fun game and hopefully one that we can cash some tickets on.

Dallas has a 4-1 record and comes into this game winning their past four contests, all started by... Cooper Rush? Yep, that's right, as soon as Dak went out, Dallas somehow looked a bit better. I'm not saying Rush should be the quarterback or anything, but they look competent with them. The real reason for their success is the defense. On the season, they haven't allowed 20 points to any opponent. In the last two games, they've only allowed 10 points to each of the offenses they've faced. They are coming up with a great gameplan and they are executing it well. On offense, the Cowboys are protecting the ball well enough - Rush still hasn't thrown an interception and they are getting enough penetration up front from their offensive line that Ezekiel Elliot looks at least a bit better lately.

The Eagles have played to the best record in the NFL. Right now, they are atop the league with a perfect 5-0 record and they really haven't had many scares. Sure their past two games, and their opener against the Lions, were all one-score games. Against the Lions they were in control the whole game and needed one stop. They got it. Against Jacksonville they got a turnover to end the last-gasp effort from the Jaguars. Last week was the toughest game for them with the Cardinals holding them to just six points in the second half. The problem is that Jalen Hurts still isn't really a passing quarterback - and I have to assume that eventually he will get hurt on one of these touchdown runs. If they play from behind - which they really haven't had to do, I think the Eagles will struggle.

Both of these defenses are playing rather well right now. The Eagles offense has more of the upside, but neither is looking to throw the ball or attack downfield (even though both have really good wide receivers). I'm taking the under for the game at 42. Dallas isn't allowing opponents to get to 20 points in the game, and I expect that it will be a struggle for the Cowboys to score 20 points themselves. I'm taking the under.

I pretty much will always put this down moving forward, but I'll take a shot on Hurts with the first touchdown scored at +600.

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