Lions Cover at Home Against Seahawks

Seahawks vs. Lions, 1 ET

Detroit and Seattle come into this game with identical records, but it somewhat feels like there is more promise for the game and the season for the Lions. Overall, both teams will likely not make the playoffs, but after so many years of tough, terrible, teams, the Detroit faithful have to be ready to see a team that competes in every game, and I feel like that is this team.

The Seahawks opened the season with a win and then were never really in the game against San Francisco before losing last week to the Falcons. The game against the Falcons feels like one that they probably should’ve had a chance to win. After going into the second half of the game-winning 20-17, they could only put up three points in the second half. Geno Smith threw an interception with just about a minute left in the game that ultimately cost them the game. It was nice to see them making progress again though moving the ball downfield. The Seahawks are struggling to score. Even in their win over the Broncos, they only scored 17 points. Denver is just offensively destitute.

I have a bit of concern with the Lions. They are allowing 31 points per game. They faced the Eagles, one of the better teams in the NFL, and the Vikings, a team that has a solid offense, even if they are inconsistent. They also played the Commanders – their only win so far – and they allowed 27 points after shutting them out in the first half. The Lions have looked good on offense. Their two-headed running attack is really strong and needs to be respected. The Seahawks are allowing 157 rushing yards, so the Lions can attack that way. Jared Goff needs to complete more of his passes, but he has protected the ball well. He has nice playmakers too that could make this difficult on the Seahawks defense.

I like the Lions -4.5 in this one (now at 3.5). They’ve played three games, in the two losses they were one-score games. Even after allowing the Commanders to come back in the game, they still won by nine points. I think this is a game they can and should win. I also think they will win the game by a touchdown or more. The opening night win for the Seahawks was nice and Smith looked good, but it was just a nice story.

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