Kings Should Conquer Islanders Tonight

Islanders vs. Kings, 10:30 ET

One day you're on top of the world, the next you're struggling to find answers. With sports betting, it can be a very lonely and dark time when you're in a slump. Mine is just three games, and I've been very profitable on the NHL year, but it can be extremely frustrating when you think you have a good read on a game and it goes the other way. That shouldn't, and won't, deter us, though. I believe in what I'm doing and know we can turn it around. Let's get to it today.

The New York Islanders are having a good campaign with a 34-26-8 record, but this is one of those situations that I expect them to struggle. They are just 14-14-5 on the road and have to travel across the country after to Los Angeles for this game. It isn't an autofade, but keep in mind, this game starts at 10:30 ET time. Even if they flew out to Los Angeles on the 11th, which they probably did, their bodies might still be in that adjustment period. The Islanders are led by Brock Nelson this season and I do think that the Kings may have their hands full with New York in this game, but I think there is a good chance that they can shut him down. Goals should be tough to come by for both teams, and I am expecting the defense to be there to support Ilya Sorokin in the net. On the season, Sorokin has a 23-18-6 record, which isn't great, but he has the fifth best goals against per game average in the league. He also is tied for the most shutouts. It is kind of like he is outstanding or he is average at best. He was in the net for the Islanders when they lost to the Kings in late February and allowed three goals.

It isn't just the fact that the Islanders are traveling across the country, or that they are just an average road team. It is that the Kings are very good overall this year, but especially when they have the home ice advantage. They are 20-9-3 at home this season and I think they should get to 21-9-3 after this one. They've been hot of late as well, winning five of their past six games. The one loss came Saturday in a game against the Predators when they lost in a shootout. That was the start of a seven-game homestand for the Kings. Rumor has it that Joonas Korpisalo will be the goalie for the evening and I'm not sure he gives the Kings the best chance to win, but they have won his past two starts for the Kings and he's only allowed two goals in both games since he was acquired from the Blue Jackets. It could be that Korpisalo is getting a start because he is familiar with the Islanders. When he was with Columbus, he started three games against them and lost all three. Each of them were one goal games, and he seems to be getting better as he allowed four goals in the first game, three in the second, and two in the third. By that trend, he should allow one goal in this one.

I like the Kings here and they are just at the edge of where I'd take them to win a game. I think they have the potential to win this one at -135 and think the combination of home ice, travel for the Islanders, and the struggles the Islanders have on the road make this a good spot for the Kings. Back them to win in this game.

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