Kicking Up Some Super Bowl Props

Kickers are much maligned in the NFL. Some of them for good reason. We already had one kicker this year that made all kickers look absolutely terrible in Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher. He missed a bunch of extra points against the Buccaneers, and even missed another in the next game. somehow he missed the extra point and nailed his two field goal attempts. Either way, it was not a good look for kickers and provided more fuel to the fire of hating on kickers. Not me though, I am here for the kicking props and want to make a little scratch on these.

Harrison Butker had a tough season in some ways. It wasn't that he had a bad year. He was hurt early in the year and I'm not sure he ever really fully recovered. He was just 3-7 on kicks from 50 yards or more. He did nail both of his 50+ yard kicks against the Jaguars, so maybe he is feeling better. The Chiefs definitely trust him. I think this could be a field goal game, too. I could see Butker having to get at least two field goals in this game and his total is 1.5. The Eagles might not be able to fully stop the Chiefs offense, but if they can slow them down, they probably hold Kansas City out of the endzone for a couple of drives. I think the over is the way to play Butker.

Jake Elliot has been fine for the Eagles this year. He's hit 87% of field goals, but he only had 23 attempts this season. In fact, he has four games where he didn't even attempt a field goal. For the season, there were 13 games where he only made one field goal. In two of those games, he had more than one attempt but still only hit one. What I'm saying is they either don't have much confidence in him or are not putting him in a situation to kick a lot of field goals in each game. I do think there is very little room for error here, but I'd only look towards his under.

We talked about both kickers, both of these guys have kicking points available as well. Both are listed at 7.5 points. Butker, in my opinion, is likely to kick two field goals, so that's six points. I also assume that the Chiefs are going to score two touchdowns. That's another two extra points. I like his over for that total. I'd probably lean towards the under for Elliot, but again, I could see a possibility for him getting two field goals. So, I won't play him.

We can also cut down to just PATs made. Elliot is the one I'd look at for the over here. Now, there is a possibility that the Eagles go for a 2-pt conversion at some point which would take away from this, but three touchdowns seems very possible for them. I'd take Elliot's over. Butker is one that I'd also say is likely but I probably will pass because I've already taken him on the other two lines.

Here's hoping for strong legs and straight kicks.

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