Juicy NBA ML Parlay

Last night, I tweeted out something that someone asked me to put together because they had a free bet with one of the sportsbooks. It was an NBA moneyline parlay for the games. The play was a +809 winner with little to no sweat involved. Tonight, we will try to run it back.

We are going to start with two easy ones. The Bulls and the Bucks. The Bulls were embarrassed by the Magic in the past month. That game is going to be fresh in their minds as they lost despite DeRozan going for 40+ points. Now, they have their third star back in Zach Lavine (he didn't play in the last matchup) and they are going to look for revenge. Will they cover the spread? Who knows, because they are still short-handed, but they will win the game.

Next is the Bucks, they are coming off a beatdown from the Nuggets. I was frankly surprised to see the Nuggets do that to the Bucks, but sometimes it just happens and when the team gives up or sees they will lose, the end result looks really bad. The Bucks get a hobbled Wizards team that has lost Bradley Beal for the next few games. This is a game, similar to the Bulls, where the spread is not something I'm very comfortable with, but I don't see any way the Bucks lose this game.

I don't like the Pistons, I don't like the Pelicans. My addition of the Pelicans moneyline is based solely on one person - Brandon Ingram. If he plays this game, I think the Pels win. If he doesn't, the Pistons should win, so you may want to wait on him before placing this, or place one bet without them and then add it in on a separate bet after his status is announced. Jerami Grant may be coming back, but that's a bad thing for the Pistons. He will likely be showcased so they can move him in the next few days and that will disrupt the Pistons flow. I like the Pelicans to take this... again, provided Ingram plays.

The Denver Nuggets have been one of the most frustrating teams for a bettor to watch. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Nuggets spread during the game, where they were up double digits only to watch them piss it away. They are incredibly frustrating, but they've been better in the last couple of games. This is a bad spot for Minnesota because they are without D'Angelo Russell. Without Russell the Timberwolves are not the same team. Over the last 122 games, they are basically a .500 team with Russell, and 10-32 without him. Give me the Nuggets tonight.

Total Parlay: Bulls, Bucks, Pelicans and Nuggets All to Win +655