Jets Return Home and Can Rebound Against Bears

Bears vs. Jets, 1 ET

There is talk that Justin Fields won't play this game. I am putting a half unit on this play now and will add more if he doesn't - depending on the number. I'll share more about that in this article but just wanted to put that upfront about this game.

The Bears may have finally figured something out with how to use Justin Fields. He's using his legs to make a difference in games, but he does seem to be making some progress with his reads and finding a way to connect with receivers. His defense has fallen apart a bit, but there was a nice story about how he apologized to the team, specifically the defense for not getting the job done on offense. Sadly, I think once again this team doesn't get things done even if they have Fields. If Fields doesn't play this will be a blowout. Their best defensive players are now gone and teams are not struggling at all to score on the Bears lately.

The Jets are somehow 6-4, but they are 6-2 against teams that aren't the Patriots. This is a good game for them to get back into a good rhythm. There are some issues internally with distress between the quarterback and other members of the team. However, this is one of those games that you should see the Jets dominate. Their defense has been okay, but opponents are able to move the ball. It seems like a bend but don't break system they have right now. On offense, the goal for the Jets needs to be a bit more of a balanced approach. I haven't seen enough of Zach Wilson or even Joe Flacco to think either are the answer for this offense. They are also getting to a point where the injuries are hurting what they are trying to do. Still, against this Bears defense, if the Jets can't score on them, then there are bigger issues.

I'm putting the half unit on the Jets to cover this game at -5 right now. If Fields is announced out, I'm willing to play this up to -9. If Fields is in, I still like the Jets, obviously, but I do feel like this might be a sweaty game for me.

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