Is Online Sports Gambling Legal In My State ?

During the COVID era, online sports gambling is becoming America's pastime, so we did some digging where exactly you can do that (legally). Keep in mind momentum towards legalization is essentially happening everywhere, so don't give up just yet.

Obviously an old tweet, but shows that if states want to get this done, they will.

States already in the clear

Here are the states that are making strides for online gambling (Still illegal):

Here's a list of the states that are making no strides to legalize sports gambling:

Online sports gambling became legal in many states just last year, which shows the momentum of the market. COVID times did sports fans no favors as it caused massive delays to strides most states made in 2020. Expect full legalization from a large portion of the states that tried, next year.

$225 million/year are made online gambling, so state legislators have reason to get this done. For example, Iowa had zero sports books a year ago and now have five up and running. Further obsession with our mobile devices should in theory push legalization of online sports gambling nation wide.

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