Grab the Points in Chargers vs. 49ers

Chargers vs. 49ers, 8:20 ET

Sunday Night Football gets another good one. Last week was an entertaining, but low-scoring, battle between the Chiefs and the Titans. This week, we see another cross-conference matchup between the Chargers and 49ers. I am looking forward to seeing where this game goes as both teams are still hopeful for the playoffs this year.

To start the season, the Chargers were really struggling to get offense going with Austin Eckler. He wasn't great, but then much to the chagrin of fantasy owners who panicked too soon, he has scored 10 touchdowns in the last five games. He's just barely scratching the surface of what he can do for this team too. Justin Herbert still doesn't look like he is 100% yet so they are relying on Eckler to lead the offense and it is working. The 49ers defense will be able to stop him probably a bit better than the other teams that he's faced so far. The Chargers, since involving him more in the offense have won four of their last five games. This also should be a big game to see how far the Chargers have come in the season.

The 49ers made a big name trade to try and make a difference for this season. Grabbing Christian McCaffery was a big move for them and has already paid some dividends. They crushed the Rams last time they played and it was a game that saw McCaffery throw, catch, and run for a touchdown. He will continue to be a focal point of the offense moving forward. Coming off of the bye week, the 49ers might have a great opportunity to integrate McCaffery even further into the offense. Jimmy Garoppolo is also playing a little better and more confident lately. Their defense is still holding teams down fairly well - holding opponents to just 18.4 points per game. If they can keep that up, they might have a shot at going deep into the playoffs.

The side has already been bet up in favor of the 49ers. I think it might be a little high though. The 7 points even after the bye week and with San Francisco at home is too high. I am bullish on the Chargers, and I know their defense isn't what I thought it would be, but I like it. I'm taking the points with the Chargers.

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