Flames Will Snuff Out Blue Jackets Scoring

Blue Jackets vs. Flames, 9:30 ET

I mentioned this before: don't blindly follow me on these plays. Fade away if you think that's a better option, but this is a work in progress and I'm trying to give my insight into why I am betting the way I am on NHL games. So far, it is a winning record and winning formula. That doesn't mean it will all be victorious, we lost yesterday on the Hawks and the over. I do want to put in a mention that just like baseball, make sure the starter or goalie I'm talking about in the article is actually confirmed. Yesterday the Kings sent out a different goalie and that changes (and changed) everything. Either way, we can find a winner today in Blue Jackets vs. Flames.

Columbus comes into this game struggling on the season with a terrible 14-30-2 record. On the road, they've been absolutely atrocious winning just three games all year. One of those wins just came on the 14th against Detroit, so they may have gotten their road victory out of the way for a while. I don't think they have a chance to beat the Flames tonight, but I should give them a shot because in their only game this season, the Blue Jackets took down the Flames 3-1. Both goalies played in the game for the Blue Jackets in that one, but tonight it looks like Joonas Korpisalo is going to be in the net. He's been the better of the two goalies, albeit in limited action. He's really struggled here in the month of January but had a nice December where he allowed just 12 goals in seven games. He doesn't always play a full game, and on the year he is allowing over three goals on average.

The Flames are clearly the superior team in this matchup. Coming in with a record of 22-16-9 and most of their wins coming on their home ice, it might be an ugly night for the Blue Jackets. They are not playing great right now, but they aren't playing poorly either. They have won three of their past five matchups and are looking to grab another one. It looks like they are going to have starter Jacob Markstrom in the net. He's been average on the year in my opinion. If his counterpart takes the net, I think this game has a better chance of where I'm heading. But, for now, let's assume it is Markstrom. He's only allowing 2.82 goals per game, but a lot of that is due to Calgary having a good defense that is stopping too many shots on him because his save percentage is .895.

I like the under in this game. With a total of 6.5, I think we would need just too much help from the Blue Jackets that won't be coming. I could see this being a 4-1 game from the Flames and them coasting to victory. I'll be backing it that way no matter who is in the net for the Flames. If the Blue Jackets change goalies, I probably will still play it.

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