First Bad Beat Of March Madness Unfolds On First Wedgie Of First Game With Jim Nantz, Bill Raferty On The Call

March Madness has begun, and the first bad beat of the year has already hit. It took less than one full half of basketball for sports bettors to lose their minds over an extremely important buzzer-beater that had no relevance to the actual outcome of the game.

West Virginia and Maryland opened the 2023 NCAA Tournament in the South Region. The first half Over/Under was set at either 63 or 63.5 points, depending on when/where the bet was placed.

62 points were scored— so the Under hit. But it was about as close as close can get.

The Mountaineers had the ball with less than 10 seconds left and tried to drive to the hoop. They could not, so they kicked the ball out for a triple as the clock expired.

It missed short and the ball got stuck between the rim and the backboard. It marked the first wedgie of March Madness!

A wedgie, for those who are somehow unaware, is when the basketball gets wedged in the corner of the rim and never comes back down. It is pretty simple and self-explanatory, and one of the funniest parts of the sport.

It also marked the first bad beat of March Madness, depending on which side of the Over/Under bettors were on. As a result of the wedgie, West Virginia did not score.

Maryland ran out the clock on its next possession and went into the locker room with a two-point lead. The score stood at 30-32.

Under bettors cashed at both 63 and 63.5. Over bettors missed at both 63 and 63.5.

While Over bettors were sick after the wedgie, Under bettors were ecstatic. Meanwhile, those who did not bet on the Over/Under got to enjoy both Bill Raferty and Jim Nantz saying "wedgie" on national television. What a treat!