Expect Quarterbacks To Shine In Bengals Vs. Ravens

Bengals vs. Ravens, 8:20 ET

Another primetime matchup for divisional opponents. The Bengals have the Ravens to thank for last season's success - at least to a certain extent. Once Lamar Jackson went down, the Ravens really struggled and the Bengals stepped up. Without that the Bengals might not have made the playoffs. Now they both are fighting once again to get the division.

The Bengals have won their last two games and start to look like they are getting their swagger back. There was obviously a lot of noise coming off of the game against Miami, but most of that was due to the injury to opposing quarterback Tua Tagovialoa. The biggest difference right now is that Burrow seems to be protecting the ball more. The defense still looks pretty good and is limiting the rushing yards of opponents. Even though they are just 2-2 on the year, they haven't allowed opponents to score more than 23 points. If the offense gets straightened out, I think they should be fine and probably be the favorites to take the division. I don't know that I'd support them winning the game tonight though. I have a feeling it would be close, and they have extra rest, so the three points or more might be worth grabbing.

The Ravens are also 2-2 and the biggest story out of last week was about why they chose to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking a field goal. They threw an interception, and then the Bills marched the ball downfield and kicked one through to win the game 23-20. It wasn't a good look for the Ravens. Their defense is a little concerning to me, but limiting the Bills to 23 points on the year is pretty solid. If that defense can show up again, they probably have a chance to cover the spread here, but I don't expect that to be the case.

I normally don't support many overs in divisional games. They seem to be closer but I think this is a game to play over 48 at -110. The Ravens can play in track meets if they need to, and the extra rest for the Bengals could allow them to prepare for this and have a great game plan. It might be a bit of a nervous one, and you could probably take an in-game play if you prefer, but I like the over here.

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