Expect 49ers to Make Quick Work of Seattle

Seahawks vs 49ers, 4:30 ET

I've provided some futures and angles to play on the NFL playoffs, now we get down to the nitty-gritty with the actual games. The first game of the playoffs this year is the Seahawks and 49ers which features at least one team that I thought was going to battle for the #1 draft pick, and another that is on their third starting quarterback.

The Seahawks are a surprise. Maybe some talking head out there, or a diehard Seattle fan, or some random crazy person out there picked Seattle to make the playoffs, but it definitely wasn't me. I thought they were going to be just terrible with Geno Smith under center. They certainly proved me wrong and eeked out a path to get themselves into the playoffs winning in week 17 and having a little bit of help from the Lions when they knocked off the Packers. They are currently on a two game winning streak, but they haven't really beaten anyone all that special. They took down the Jets and the Rams, at one point the Jets were a solid team, but they collapsed and the Rams took this season off. They've played the 49ers twice this season and lost by 20 on the road and eight at home. There really isn't a facet of this game that I think Seattle has an edge here. In theory, their wide receivers and quarterback might be better than San Francisco, but they face a stout 49ers defense that will be really tough.

The 49ers had a season that would've crippled most teams - they lost their starting quarterback in the second game of the season. Then they lost their backup quarterback in Week 12. Now they are on their third starting quarterback of the season, they have a new running back that wasn't in the backfield to start the season either. Their offense has been broken and fixed more than my first car. However, just like that car, it finds a way to push through and get them where they are going. I think the 49ers would win even on the road, but being at home helps a bit more because the Seahawks are significantly tougher in Seattle. I think San Francisco can match the offensive output that Seattle is capable of, but I don't think Seattle can put up as strong of a defensive game.

I don't think this will be much of a competition between the division rivals. Seattle won't go down without a fight, but the 49ers defense should be too much for them to overcome. I'm going to take the 49ers -5.5 in the first half of the game. I think they come out and try to get this game over quick.

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