Eagles Will Clober Texans in First Half

Eagles vs. Texans, 8:15 ET

Is there anyone that thinks these Thursday Night Football games are worthwhile anymore? If I'm Jeff Bezos... well, if I was him I wouldn't pay attention to the NFL anyway unless I was buying a team. Still, Amazon is getting these terrible matchups, but I'm sure they're making money on the games nonetheless. Anyway, I have a play in the game despite my complaints so let's get to that.

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! Maybe. I don't think they are the best team in the NFL, but they have the best record. They are definitely a good team and they've won all of their games. One thing that has certainly been to their advantage is they haven't had any injury issues. They've played very few close games as well. On defense they look really competent, but what offenses have they faced that are intimidating? The Vikings? Cardinals? Dallas with Cooper Rush at quarterback? Now they face a Texans team that is a little more effective than I thought, but they aren't good. This should be another easy matchup for the Eagles' defense.

The Texans are waiting until next year. At least that's basically what will happen. As of now, they aren't going anywhere and are looking at getting the first pick in the draft. It isn't a bad thing for them, and despite a 1-5-1 record, they do seem to be improving a little bit. They are staying in most games, they compete, and they are playing decent defense. They just can't really close out games. I like what Lovie Smith is doing, but he's probably not going to be able to stop the Eagles right now, they are just clicking. I think that Jalen Hurts has another big game as the Texans are allowing the most rushing yards to opponents in the league.

Two touchdowns on the road is a lot of points to cover, even for a good team like the Eagles facing a bad team like the Texans. I think the Eagles come out and put this game away fairly quickly and I'm taking them to cover the first half at -7.5. I'd expect them to be up by 10 at the end of the half. I could see the under hitting as I don't think the Texans will score much and the Eagles will eventually let up.

I'm also playing Jalen Hurts to score the first touchdown at +500. I'd sprinkle one on Miles Sanders too at +550. I'm going to put a full unit play on Sanders scoring a touchdown at -120 for sure.

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