College Basketball Four Pack of Plays

We had a nice night in college basketball last night with a 3-1 record. We took down the two main plays and fell just a bit short with the Pitt spread. We come back again tonight with a full slate as we wind down on the season before the conference tournaments. I'm looking forward to the games here and have a couple of spots circled.

Syracuse vs. Clemson, 7:00 ET

We all know the story on Syracuse, they are going to shoot some threes, they are going to play mostly a zone defense, and they will at least have a decent team most seasons. This season they have an acceptable 16-11 record, but they are also probably a bubble team for the tournament. A road win here could help push them further. Syracuse has won three of their past four games, including two on the road. Clemson was doing very well this season until they've had a recent collapse. Before their past five games, they had an 18-4 record. Now they are sitting at 19-8. They are still a dangerous squad that can probably rebound from this tough stretch. Their losses over their past five games aren't exactly against good teams either. This needs to be a get right game for Clemson and if they control the glass I think they get there. Syracuse isn't a great rebounding team. I'm going to back the Tigers at -5 tonight at home in a game I think they realize the importance of.

Kentucky vs. Florida, 7:00 ET

If you look back at past games you can sometimes be misled by final scores. The Wildcats beat the Gators by five earlier this season, but the game wasn't always this close. Kentucky fell apart a bit in the second half after having a double-digit lead. Breaking it down even further though, you seem some shooting outliers from Kentucky's side. You also will see on the Florida side that Colin Castleton had 25 points in the first game, but he is out tonight. So, what do you make of all of this? Well, I think this is where Kentucky gets a bit of an edge. Castleton being out provides Kentucky with an opportunity to not only get more rebounds, but they get a chance to make more interior scoring with the absence of a big body down there. I think Kentucky can come into Florida and take this one at -2.5. I'll back them for this game and hope they can build a lead and then keep it this time.

There are a few other small plays that I like tonight. You've probably heard of Davidson because of Steph Curry. They play tonight and I think they are going to go over the 134.5 total that they have in tonight's game against St. Bonaventure. I also think that Minnesota and Maryland will combine for more than 131 points tonight so will play the over in that one too.

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