Chiefs Will Dominate Banged Up Rams

Rams vs. Chiefs, 4:25 ET

At one point, this was the matchup everyone wanted to see every year. The Rams vs. the Chiefs. Not only did people want it in the regular season, but the expectation of them being in the Super Bowl, facing each other, was very heavy. It hasn't happened yet, and it almost certainly won't happen this year. Things change, but there is a clear winner in this one.

The Rams look absolutely terrible this season. Somehow they are just 3-7 and their Super Bowl hangover is very real. Part of that has to be that Matthew Stafford doesn't look like himself this year and that might have been due to injury. Now, we have him potentially in concussion protocol and maybe missing this game. If he is out, this will be an even uglier for the Rams. The Rams have lost their past four games and honestly, none of the teams with maybe the exception of the 49ers are that good. It hasn't been a fun travel schedule for them going from LA to Tampa, to LA, and back to New Orleans, but that's not an excuse for losing all of the games. Even with Stafford, I think the only way they win this game is if Stafford plays his best game of the season.

The Chiefs are rounding into form. They've won eight of their ten games this year, and have won four straight. Both Geoff Clark and myself had the Chargers to cover this past week and they took care of that but the Chiefs still pulled the game out having scored a touchdown very late in the game. They don't really care about covering games, but they definitely will win games. This will be a common game that people throw into a parlay and honestly, I don't have a problem with it. Patrick Mahomes finds someone different to give a big game to almost every week. Last week was Kelce, we've also seen Mecole Hardman have a good game, and some running backs have had their turn. The weapons on offense - even against a good Los Angeles defense will just be too much here.

I'm taking the Chiefs to cover a -14 spread. I will not play the -14.5 as I don't want to get crushed by a hook or a backdoor cover. If Stafford does somehow start this game, you'll probably get lower number and won't need to pay a bit of the juice that I'm paying on the -14.

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